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Preparing your vehicle for a New Jersey winter

The winters in New Jersey can be downright brutal. There's snow, sleet, ice, rain, wind, flooding and plenty of other problems. Don't let winter sneak up on you or your family members, especially if you do a lot of driving to and from work or school. Make sure you prepare your vehicle for a New Jersey winter by following the tips outlined in today's post.

The first thing you need to do with your vehicle is to check the antifreeze and coolant levels in it. The antifreeze is used to prevent the engine from freezing when the temperatures dip in New Jersey. Check these levels before the winter arrives and add any coolant that is needed.

Check the depth of the tire treads and check the pressure of the tires before winter arrives. If the tire treads are not sufficient, you should replace your tires immediately. Use a penny to test the treads. Place the penny in the tread and if President Lincoln's head is completely visible, then the treads are too worn.

Change the windshield wiper fluid in your car prior to winter. There are different types, and you should use the one that is for the winter. Nonwinter windshield wiper fluid will freeze almost instantly when used in the cold temperatures. The winter fluid will also help loosen the frost and ice on your windshield.

Make sure there are a first aid kit and a winter kit in your vehicle. The winter kit should include a flashlight, blankets, road flares, extra gloves, an extra jacket, a winter hat and many other supplies.

There's so much you can do to prepare your vehicle for a winter in New Jersey so that you do not find yourself stranded during a storm. These tips are great to follow throughout the year as well in order to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

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