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Data shows decreasing number of white collar crimes

White collar crimes take place across the United States. What is most interesting is when the reports about the number of crimes that have taken place in the last year are released. For example, did you know that Connecticut is the state with the lowest number of arrests for white collar crimes in the last year?

In New Jersey, there was also a reduced number of arrests for fraud and embezzlement crimes. The data, which spans from 2016 to 2017, looks into crimes such as financial fraud, public corruption, foreign bribery, mortgage and tax fraud along with others.

While there was a decrease in white collar crimes in Connecticut, as an example, there was an increase in crimes of other kinds. Connecticut saw an increase of 17 percent with crimes involving counterfeiting and forgery.

The lowest arrest rate in the nation was in Illinois, and Delaware had the highest rate of arrests for fraud or embezzlement. It was around one arrest for every 470 residents, which was about seven times higher than in Connecticut.

This information clearly shows that people commit white collar crimes across the country, and there is no lack of crime for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate. If the FBI begins to look into your background or a case that may involve you, it's best to begin working on a strong defense. These crimes are serious federal crimes, and they can have penalties ranging from a year or two in prison to extreme fines and decades behind bars. It's always wise to put your own freedom and safety first if you'll be investigated.

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