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Why do people get falsely accused of stealing?

False accusations of theft can be extremely damaging to your reputation and your ego. Imagine being in a store, carrying items you want to buy and going to the checkout. You set everything down and pay, yet the cashier is convinced that you've stolen something.

The cashier and manager go through your purse and find that you haven't taken anything, but in the meantime, you've had to deal with security, lost face in public and were humiliated. This kind of unsubstantiated accusation can't be allowed to happen.

In a worst-case scenario, someone falsely accused of a crime could be arrested and charged. Normally, some evidence has to be produced, like a video of you stealing or proof that you possessed a missing item. However, it's easy for people to make mistakes. You might have come into a store with an item the store sells as well and then been accused of stealing it, even though you owned it when you came in. You could be accused of stealing when a so-called friend sneakily slipped an item into your bag.

Everyone's situation is different, which is why reaching out to your attorney is a good idea. There are many times when theft cases are based on misunderstandings, and there's no reason why you should have to go to court or have your reputation ruined over allegations that you did something you had no intention of doing. You have rights as someone accused of a crime, and it's very important for you to do all you can to protect yourself if you're falsely accused.

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