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Drug busts lead to 25 arrested in New Jersey

Drug busts are often used to capture multiple people at once when drug activity is high in a local area. They were the plan of attack for authorities in New Jersey, with 25 people facing charges as a result.

In news from April 8, 25 people were charged in drug and gun busts in New Jersey. According to the article, there were guns discovered during some busts, while heroin and cocaine were discovered in others. At least one person was charged for endangering a child, while two others are accused of dealing drugs in school zones.

The four drug busts that took place happened separately, aiming at specific groups that were dealing within local communities. In one of the busts, eight people were arrested, six with warrants for their arrest, following a cocaine and heroin drug network bust in South Jersey.

Another 12 people were arrested following a narcotics surveillance operation that targeted individuals who were in possession of narcotics or distributing them in South Jersey. Two additional drug busts led to five more people being arrested by the police.

After all was said and done, the police were able to arrest 25 people. These individuals are not yet proven guilty of any offenses, though they were, in some cases, caught with narcotics in their possession.

It is sometimes possible for people who are not involved in drug use or trade to be caught up in these drug busts. Regardless of the reason for your arrest, you have a right to an attorney and should exercise that right to protect your interests.

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