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At least 4 suffer injuries when vehicle enters building

Car crashes don't always involve multiple vehicles. Sometimes, a single vehicle goes up onto a sidewalk or hits a building, colliding with the people there.

Take, for example, this case from June 17. At least four people ended up hurt when a vehicle lost control and hit an insurance store in a local strip mall in Lodi. The vehicle left the roadway and went through the glass front of the store, hitting some of the people inside.

One witness talked to the news about the incident. The witness believed that the driver was pulling into a parking spot but hit the gas instead of the brake. After he did that, he drove through the glass. She said she managed to jump out of the way, but others were not as lucky. On top of that, the driver then backed up, which was bad because of the potential for victims to be trapped under or behind the vehicle.

At least four people suffered injuries as a result of the driver's mistakes. The police haven't released a reason for the crash yet but after an investigation, it's sure to hit the news.

When drivers make mistakes like this, they impact multiple people's lives. Whether it's from inattention, trouble with the vehicle or other causes, crashing into unsuspecting pedestrians is one of the worst types of crashes that a person can cause.

Pedestrians have little protection against the impact, which can result in serious injuries or death. If you're hit by a negligent or dangerous driver, you can seek compensation for your injuries, just as victims like these can.

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