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Reality star sentenced to anger management counseling

The New Jersey-based reality star, Michael Sorrentino, also known as the Situation, was sentenced to complete 12 weeks of anger management counseling in connection with assault charges. Sorrentino was sentenced in Middletown municipal court on the morning of July 28.

4 face drug and forgery charges in New Jersey

Four individuals ranging from 30 to 37 in age were detained in connection with a July 19 traffic stop. Residents of the Bronx and Johnson City, the occupants of the vehicle were on Route 1 when Fort Lee authorities pulled the driver over under the Fletcher overpass at 2:20 a.m. According to the official complaint, as they approached the BMW, officers reportedly smelled raw marijuana from the area of the passenger's compartment. The officers claim that they could also smell raw marijuana on the registered owner of the car when they were asking him for permission to search the vehicle.

Will the New Jersey Supreme Court make a new crime?

Most people in New Jersey recognize that it is legislators who are responsible for passing laws that criminalize certain behaviors. It is then the executive branch's responsibility to enforce those laws and the judicial branch's job to interpret those laws. This system of government, however, does have certain issues, such as the fact that the New Jersey Supreme Court has the ability to decide if certain actions actually constitute crimes under ambiguous laws.

Mother faces criminal charges for leaving child alone in car

Every parent makes mistakes, despite how it may look to the casual Internet surfer. With the advent of parenting blogs, there are men and women across New Jersey and the country who purport to know the best way, nay the right way, to raise children. They may make themselves out to be flawless parents, but they too make mistakes. At what point, however, are those mistakes criminal?

Technology and DNA can be used to prove inmates' innocence

It is a nightmare that some people in Mercer County can only imagine, but there are people who are sentenced to long prison sentences, and it is far more common than we might think. Nationally, one in 25 inmates on death row are actually innocent. While New Jersey hasn't had the death penalty since 2007, it is likely that there is a similar proportion of innocent people in New Jersey's prisons, including those sentenced to life behind bars.

Criminal defense: Young New Jersey man goes on alleged rampage

A former high school wrestler was recently arrested under what many are referring to as bizarre circumstances. The ex-wrestler, who is now 20 years of age, has been charged with a wide range of criminal offenses after an alleged rampage of illegal activity. The young New Jersey man’s father made recent statements to news media outlets saying that his son was a kid who had done something very stupid. Regardless of what happened, this man will want to employ a well-thought out criminal defense during his court case.

New Jersey criminal defense: Pharmacists face drug charges

Illegal prescription drugs have become a widespread problem throughout New Jersey and the nation, adding more challenges to our country's war on drugs. Three pharmacists in our state have recently been arrested as a result of a multi-state drug investigation by local, state and federal agencies. For now, their licenses are suspended as they focus on preparing a criminal defense against the drug charges.

New Jersey reality stars building criminal defense case

Individuals interested in reality television may follow the show: The Real Housewives of New Jersey. If so, they could also be aware of the charges two cast members are facing. The couple is facing criminal financial charges that have resulted in them having to move forward with a criminal defense.

Former New Jersey lawyer sentenced to life

Penalties for white collar crime are often harsh today, and a former New Jersey prosecutor found that out recently. Federal courts, in particular, tend to treat organized activity with a very heavy hand, and they are guided in this effort by mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines that provide very little leeway for the accused.

In New Jersey, Booker calls for changes to federal sentencing

Newark mayor Cory Booker is currently suggesting changes to federal law on a host of issues. He’s championing reforms that many criminal defense types have requested for years, asking for drug offender treatment programs and changes to minimum sentencing requirements. Booker’s running for a Senate seat out of New Jersey, and he’s using his platform to advocate for those charged with federal felonies and similar drug offenses.

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