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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

Measures to reduce drunk driving in New Jersey

Accident statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that over 1,800 lives were lost on the roads of New Jersey between 2003 and 2012 in alcohol-related crashes, and about a third of all fatal accidents nationwide involve a drunk driver. Drinking and driving is a social issue as well as a criminal problem, and authorities have approached the matter with a combination of emotive media campaigns and coordinated law enforcement efforts.

Impaired driving and crash statistics

Each year in New Jersey, hundreds of people lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents caused by the actions of drunk drivers. Additionally, many more are injured. The problem is not one relegated just to the state, however. Drunk or impaired driving remains a significant contributing cause of fatal and injury accidents in the United States.

New Jersey suspected drunk driver critically injures bicyclist

According to Bergen County police, a head-on collision between a pickup truck and a bicycle on Sept. 9 left the bicyclist in critical condition. The pickup truck driver is facing charges related to the crash and suspected drunk driving.

Bergen County crash leaves 3 generations injured

A tragic accident happened last month that has left two women seriously injured and a child with minor injuries. Though no one suffered life-threatening injuries, the two women who were hurt will face considerable recovery times to overcome what has happened to them. Fortunately, police have someone in custody that is accused of causing the crash.

Victim dies after alleged drunk driving accident

There are many forms of accidents that can lead to fatal injuries. Among the most common forms of car accidents are those that involve drunk driving. In New Jersey, individuals involved in a drunk driving accident potentially face injuries that can range from minor injury to death. Recently, there was an accident in New Jersey that resulted in the most tragic ramification of purported drunk driving.

Fewer drunk driving accident deaths involving children

When it comes to drunk driving, every state has a different number of fatal accidents that occur each year. However, one particularly tragic issue relates to the number of children, under 15 years of age, who die in these crashes. While one study suggests that the number of child drunk driving accident deaths declined by about 41 percent during the previous decade, the study also revealed a very alarming and unnerving fact.

Teen drivers drinking and smoking pot elevate car accident risk

Results from an alcohol, pot and driving study conducted by an out-of-state university may be of interest to New Jersey readers of this blog. The study showed that teens who smoke pot while drinking alcohol have a higher chance of engaging in dangerous driving habits. The survey results did not reflect the obvious increase in accident involvement for those who drink, smoke pot and drive, however. The survey showed that simply having combined the two drugs within the last year indicates an increased statistical likelihood of being involved in a car accident.

Father's Day drunk driving accident kills dad and his daughter

A 27-year-old man has confessed to drinking as many as five cocktails at a party in Trenton prior to driving his vehicle home to Camden last June. Tragically, he entered Route 29 traveling the wrong way and collided with another vehicle. A fatal drunk driving accident ensued, which claimed the life of a father and his 7-year-old daughter who were riding in the vehicle that was struck. Tragically, the accident occurred on Father's Day.

New Jersey police officer in drunk driving accident

When they are socializing with friends, drivers may not pay attention to how much alcohol they have actually consumed. Later it can be very easy to underestimate how impaired their concentration is. Drinking and driving can have many consequences, and the circumstances of a drunk driving accident affect the outcome for the driver. The police deal with hundreds of such accidents every year but like anyone else they, too, sometimes make serious errors of judgment, as one police officer from Alpine, New Jersey, reportedly found out to his cost.

Drunk driving accident caused by a New Jersey teen

Although alcohol can be a fun way to celebrate or relax at the end of the week, it can have tragic consequences if abused. One way to abuse alcohol is to drive after consumption. A New Jersey teen has recently found out just how tragic those consequences can be after a drunk driving accident was caused by his choice to drink and drive.

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